Range Officer & Instructor Courses

Range Officer Course

Covered in Unit Standard 123516:

  • Demostrate knowledge of standard and legislation required for the safe operation of a shooting range.

  • Prepare participants and environment for a shooting activity.

  • Carry out activities applicable to the conclusion of a shooting event.

Tactical Range Officer Course

  • This Unit Standard 123517 applies to persons who will need to supervise the operation of a shooting range and shooting excercises in respect of tactical use of firearms.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of standards and legislation required for the setup and operation of the shooting range.

  • Carry out an inspection of a shooting range.


Firearm Insturctor Course

Unit Standard 123520 is covered enable you to become a Firearm Instructor.

Cover in Unit Standard 123520:

  • Organise and present a firearm training program.

  • Apply evaluation techniques in respect of firearm related activities.

  • Ensure safe practice is being implemented during firearm training and assessment.

  • Demonstrate subject knowledge on commonly used firearms and ammunition in firearm training.

  • Explain corrective actions required in order to achieve set goals within a shooting environment.

  • Demonstrate practical shooting skills