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Close Protection Officer (CPO) Course

The exciting career of a Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) can be a reality. This is an intense, fitness based and approximately 6 week course.

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National Key Point (NKP) Training

National Key Point Officer Training to protect the National Key Points of South Africa

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Krav Maga Training

A form of self-defense and close combat training, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.

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Sport Shooting

Occasional Sport Shooting 

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Firearm Training

We offer firearm training for carrying your own firearm, a business' firearm and also a tactical firearm course.

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Crowd Control Course

Crowd Control course gives advance knowledge to handling crowds of protestors

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Why use Falcon Firearm Academy

We are accrecited to the highest level

Falcon Firearm Academy is a Proudly South African training and services provider registered with all the Authorities. Falcon is dedicated to high quality standards and therefore we believe that Training is a client-orientated function. Falcon Firearm Academy provide professional, practical, job orientated training and consultancy service to all clients within the Security, Training and Firearm Training Industry and can assist in Firearm Compliance and Competency. Falcon Firearm Academy is an Accredited Training Provider with the following accreditations: 

Department of Labour No. CI 451/3/12/1

SAPS Accr No. 4000315

SASSETA Acc No.051905002876

DEP OF LABOUR Accr No. Cl156

NKP Accr No. 6010720

PSIRA Accr No. 1813241

MERSETA Accr No. 17QA/ACC/0647/11

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Charlie Jonker

Charlie Jonker


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